Our ATL girls did us proud against tough competitors!!

November 8, 2013 at 2:24 pm

ATL-2013-CJO-062-410x270Round one of the 2013 Asia Pacific Tennis League SA conference was played at Memorial Drive last night with reigning women’s champions the Flagstaff Freighters asserting their strength on the competition with a resounding win over a young Goodwood Saints side.

The Freighters, led by Jess Moore won all four singles matches against the Saints although they did not have it all their own way with Saints youngster Amber Marshall pushing Nicole Collie to a third set before Collie prevailed 4-3 1-4 4-0. Unfortunately due to rain the doubles were washed out but the four singles rubbers were enough to give the Freighters the win.

In other women’s matches The Drive led the Glenlea Gators two rubbers to zero before the rain came. At number one single Alex Cannizaro from the Drive held off a fighting Olivia Ley 4-3 4-2 while The Drive’s Japanese import Asaka Hiura made a strong ATL debut with a 4-3 4-1 win over Mimi-Ahern Briggs.

The Tea Tree Gully Timberwolves held a two rubbers to one lead over the Trinity Titans before play was cancelled with Titans Claudia May and Claire Dixey both recording straight sets wins.

In the Men’s competition 2012 SA ATL Champions Glenlea Gators led the Gully Timberwolves three Rubbers to zero with the match of the round between Gator Jack Schipanski and Josh Crowe from the Timberwolves going down to the wire with ATP ranked Schipanki prevailing 3-4 4-2 4-3. The rain saved what looked to be an impending loss for the fortunate Timberwolves line up.

In the second men’s match the top rated Trinity Titans team were pushed by The Drive with rubbers at two all after the singles were completed. At number one singles Titan Colin Ebelthite overcame Paul Kramberger in three sets while Ebelthites teammate Darren Polkinghorne finished strongly to win the beat Japanese youngster Yuya Ito 4-1 3-4 4-0.

The ATL now looks forward to round two played at the Tea Tree Gully Tennis Club on Tuesday 12 November from 6.30pm.

ATL-SA Men’s – Round 1:

Gully Timberwolves 0-1-20 drew Glenlea Gators 3-7-31 (drawn: 3-5-0);
R1 – J Crowe Def by. J Schipanski 4-3 2-4 3-4
R2 – J Laginestra Def by. P Kokkinakis 3-4
R3 – T Divine Def by. DJ Hobart 2-4 2-4
R4 – S Sando Def by. J Boots 2-4 2-4

Trinity Titans 2-5-39 drew The Drive 2-6-35 (drawn: 2-4-0);
R1 – C Ebelthite Def. P Kramberger 4-2 3-4 4-2
R2 – D Polkinghorne Def. Y Ito 4-1 3-4 4-0
R3 – L Tu Def by. L Bataljin 3-4 2-4
R4 – D To Def by. S Longhurst 4-3 2-4 2-4
R5 – C Ebelthite/D Polkinghorne Drew. Y Ito/LL Smith 3-0
R6 – L Tu/D To Drew. P Kramberger/M Butcher 1-3

ATL-SA Women’s – Round 1:

Flagstaff Freighters 4-9-40 drew Goodwood Saints 0-2-20 (drawn: 2-3-0);
R1 – J Moore Def. B Milner 4-1 4-1
R2 – K Wlodarczak Def. C Connolly 4-0 4-2
R3 – N Collie Def. A Marshall 4-3 1-4 4-0
R4 – T Kotsiou Def. N Milner 0-4 4-0 4-1
R5 – J Moore/N Collie Drew. C Connolly/B Milner 4-1 2-1
R6 – O Lukaszewicz/P Hule Drew. A Marshall/N Milner 1-2

Glenlea Gators 0-1-16 drew The Drive 2-5-27 (drawn: 4-7-0);
R1 – O Ley Def by. A Cannizzaro 3-4 2-4
R2 – M Frahn Drew. M Beadman 3-3
R3 – M Ahern-Briggs Def by. A Hiura 3-4 1-4
R4 – M Bishop Drew. A Fairhead 4-2 0-4 0-2

Gully Timberwolves 2-4-20 drew Trinity Titans 1-2-12 (drawn: 3-6-0);
R1 – C Hule Def by. L Daw 2-4 2-4
R2 – N Kraemer Drew. A Sneath 0-0
R3 – C May Def. S Petrov 4-1 4-1
R4 – C Dixey Def. N Vujic 4-2 4-0