Indian-born tennis mentor Robin Kumar becomes full time coach at Millswood Tennis Complex

January 30, 2014 at 2:48 pm


Indian tennis coach Robin Kumar with junior players from Millswood Tennis Complex
(From left) Max Staggs, Lukas Eagleton, Elim Yan, Tatiana Nancarrow, Kyan Eagleton and Andra Dowse.

This article is courtesy of: Matt Turner, Eastern Courier Messenger, January 30, 2014 11:04AM
Picture: Nicholas Wrankmore Source: News Limited

HE HAS coached at several tennis academies and travelled the world with the sport. Now Robin Kumar is hoping to unearth the next generation of local stars at Millswood Tennis Complex. The Indian-born mentor, who was a national junior champion before turning to coaching at 17, recently joined the club full time. It is his latest stop after coaching stints in such places as the US and Malaysia.

“I was a professional player and played decent tennis for my country,” says Kumar, who also won the Asian sub-junior championships in 1994.

“In our country we don’t have a lot of sponsors so I tried (playing) until I was 17 then started my coaching career.

“If I get a chance I want to produce big players from this country. If I can do that it will change my life.”

Kumar, 32, linked up with Goodwood after travelling to Adelaide while coaching Malaysian junior Stefan Gligorov. He had previously coached top Indian players, as well as at Indian club Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association and at his own academy. His charges have also attended camps under renowned international coaches Miguel Crespo and Paul Dale.

Kumar, of Gilles Plains, is working alongside club coach Ben Milner and mentoring players as young as eight.

“I’ve seen good players here at Goodwood … and I’m enjoying it here.”